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    Physicists now concede that discovering the Higgs boson did not provide enough activation energy to propel the study of physics into new territory. Something seems to be missing from the logical structure of the paradigm. What could it be? I recommend that you stay tuned right here. As an old man, growing older each day, I need something to strengthen my mind in the face of my decaying body so I chose neuro-physical-philosophy, the mind and nature, to keep me alive until I have to die. Do not worry, I have ideas.

    Holding on to faulty protein delays brain degeneration – New Scientist


    When something goes wrong in your brain, you’d think it would be a good idea to get rid of the problem. Turns out, sometimes it’s best to keep hold of it. By preventing faulty proteins from being destroyed, researchers have delayed the symptoms of a degenerative brain disorder.


    Holding on to faulty protein delays brain degeneration – health – 15 August 2012 – New Scientist.